Friday, April 13, 2018

Use your Google Drive to access files anywhere, anytime, on any device

With Google Drive you can store, sync, and share files in the google cloud. Keep all your files in one place and access your files from any device. Use Drive with Google G Suites and you can create, edit, collaborate and share these files with your students and colleagues on any device.

Access MSMC Google Drive and G Suite from the portal.  Go to / click on “Google”  Icon on toolbar.

Host a guest speaker in your classroom by a video call

Google Hangouts bring conversations to life with group video calls. Connect your classroom with remote guests using any type of computer, Android, or Apple devices. You can also use Hangouts to support students when off campus. Students working in groups can use Hangouts to collaborate when out of the classroom or off campus.
Learn how set up a Google Hangout session to bring a remote guest into your classroom.

Google Hangouts Video


Monday, March 7, 2016

Outlook: Display the calendar next to the mail

No more switching back and forth between your Mail and Calendar.  Display your Outlook Calendar to the right of your mail messages

View tab
To-Do bar
Calendar  (you can also display your Tasks, too.)